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                                        See below for some happy patients.  If you are happy with your care, we would love your testimonial as well. 

                                        Just send your testimonial to:


Richard / Geneseo

-For almost 9 months, I had been experiencing a pain in my upper thigh after periods of walking.  During my routine physical, I mentioned this to my GP and he immediately knew it to be Meralgia Paresthetica.  Not terribly common, but not unheard of either.  After asking about treatment, he said he could prescribe pills (no thanks, doc!) or surgery, where my upper thigh would be permanently numb (definitely no thanks, doc!).  Thinking this was a nerve pinched somewhere, I reached out to Dr. Lee's office for consultation.  His exam along with new x-rays gave him the insight into treatment, and I'm happy to say that after the first few treatments and exercise regimen, I felt relief.  After a few more visits, I can honestly say that the pain in infrequent and minimal, and when it does come back, its' not nearly as intense as it was.  I'll likely need maintenance treatments going forward, but honestly, without his skill and knowledge, I would have been in agony.  Dr. Lee is a true blessing to have in our community.

Chad and Jodi / Piffard, NY

-Jeremy and Michelle words will never express how much you have helped Derek.  Just to give people a little background on my son.  He was very much into wrestling at a young age and had hopes of going to college to wrestle.  That all changed in ninth grade when he was rushed to the hospital after having seizures.  He was then diagnosed with epilepsy.  His whole life changed.  Shortly after that is when we started seeing Jeremy for Derek.  He was able to still wrestle and always had a stiff neck.   Jeremy helped Derek so much through school.  Now Derek is at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.  Because of his epilepsy he was very interested in medicine.  This past summer Derek starting having migraines.  They were so bad that my husband reached out to Jeremy for help.  I will never ever be able to thank Jeremy and Michelle for all they did for Derek this past summer.  They saw him everyday for 2 weeks straight.  Then went to every other.  Always getting him in if he didn't feel well.  They would call and check on Derek.  Derek is now doing better and I have to say a great deal of it is because of these two wonderful people.  I would highly recommend them to anyone that is in pain.  And we are so happy to call them out friends.  Thank you so much for all you did and still do for Derek. 

Mary / Caledonia, NY

-I have been treated be Dr. Lee for several years for periodic setbacks of lumbar issues and have always felt relief after only a few visits.  However, I recently fell on ice and suddenly found myself on my back on icy concrete steps.  After ordering an x-ray of the spine and ribs, which was negative, Dr. Lee has successfully returned me to comfort in only 3 weeks, which seemed impossible initially.  I shall be forever grateful that we have such a competent chiropractor in our community.  It is beyond belief!

Tim  / Avon, NY

-I've been to a few chiropractors in my time and Jeremy by far is the best I've had and does the best for me.  Jeremy takes the time to assess and explain what may be wrong with you.  Some chiropractors get you in and get you out and move on to the next patient.  The personal service, the knowledge he has and the newest equipment available is a plus.  What more can you ask for?  Thanks Jeremy for taking care of your patients like they are family!  In this day and age that is hard to find!


Josh  / Geneseo, NY

-I'm a 40 year old newsman that has covered war and natural disasters.  I played rugby for 18 years and now I race bicycles and run marathons for entertainment.  To say the least I've been hard on my body.  Dr. Lee has saved me from surgery at least 3 times with his approach and understanding of what I demand out of my body.  He not only fixes the issue but builds you up for future injury prevention.  If you want to continue to be active as injuries occur Dr. Lee is my choice for physical therapy and chiropractic needs.



Robert  / Geneseo, NY

-Dr. Lee has been a great asset to the community.  I have seen him several times for back pain and have had success every time.  He has gone out of his way to accommodate my schedule.  He was also a huge asset in helping my son heal from athletic injuries multiple times, and on my occasions made it possible for him to contribute to a successful sports program (Sectional champs football and baseball!!!).  I will continue to refer all my friends and family to Dr. Lee



Cindy / Dansville, NY

-Have been having headaches due to arthritis in my neck and back.  Thanks to Dr. Lee these have gone away.  Would recommend him for anyone trying to deal with aches and pains.  Nice family feeling to the place always greeted with a smile.  And it is nice to leave with a smile and feeling better.



Marie  / Livonia, NY

-I have been dealing with neck/shoulder pain for years and seen a number of chiropractors, massage therapists, tried accupuncture with no relief.  ONE VISIT with Jeremy and I am like a new person!!!  I felt very comfortable with he and his wife Michelle and look forward to a long relationshiop with them. 



Mark  / Piffard, NY

-Jeremy and his wife that own Lee Chiropractic are very professional, and really care about getting you better.  Our family all use his services and are extremely happy with him and the practice he and his wife run.



Efrain  / Rochester, NY

-My name is Efrain Gonzalez, I'm a retired police officer & I met Dr. Jeremy Lee years ago when he was practicing in Brockport, NY.  I was so impressed with his knowledge & expertise as a chiropractor that I refused to see anyone else.  What sets Dr. Jeremy Lee apart from others was his genuine concern for me as an individual.  He designed a specific treatment for me that allowed my body to heal completely.  Ever since then when I've managed to injure myself, I've always returned to him.  I trust Dr. Jeremy Lee completely & have recommended him many times to friends & co-workers.



Kristy P/ Leicester, NY

-I knew Dr. Lee and his wife Michelle from growing up in a small town.  So when I threw my back out exercising and someone recommended I go see "Jeremy Lee" I was a little nervous honestly.  But I put those feelings aside (since I could barely move) and he was able to get me right in that afternoon.  Not only was he an extremely skilled Chiropractor, he educated me on how I had "done wrong" in my workout to prevent the injury in the future and throughout the entire treatment process he was compassionate, kind, thorough and professional.  Never once in the many, many times I have been back to see him for miscellaneous aches and pains have I felt awkward that a high school chum was working on my body.  I have walked in to the office in absolute agony and left feeling like I was going to not only survive but actually enjoy the day!  Dr. Lee and his wife Michelle (who is his office manager and business partner) have created an environment that is nearly impossible to find these days.  A welcoming family feel, that provides the highest level of card and expertise you can find.  I can't begin to count the number of times, a co-worker, colleague and family member have been complaining of an ache, pain or injury when I haven't said, "YOU SHOULD GO SEE DR. LEE!"  If there were mountains here I would sing their prasies from them. 

It all boils down to these 5 words: Compassion, Caring, Excellence, Professionalis and Education.  Dr. Lee is the best there is.



Harold / York, NY

-I would like to tell anyone who hasn't found Lee Chiropractic & Athletic Training, what wonderful people they are.  They are very friendly, but still very professional and caring.  Dr. Jeremy Lee is at the top of his game in that he is more than happy to try multiple approaches and methods in order to help his patients.  He is always looking for new tools and methods that may better help his patients and help speed their recoveries.  His wonderful office manager (and wife), Michelle is a very fine tuned, efficient and friendly office manager.  She is always very helpful in getting appoinments scheduled at your most convenient time and also in helping you pick out any special supplies that you may neeed or want to purchase from their office. Together they are the dream for patient care and are always willing to go the extra mile.  I would highly recommend that anyone that is having any physical problems that could be addressed by a chiropractor or athletic trainer should definitely give them a call.

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